Enlaweb 1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with iOS and Android App Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale for Body Weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Bone Mass and Visceral Fat, White:Enlaweb
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1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with iOS and Android App Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale for Body Weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Bone Mass and Visceral Fat, White:Enlaweb

1 BY ONE Published in October 15, 2018, 9:03 am
 1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with iOS and Android App Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale for Body Weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Bone Mass and Visceral Fat, White:Enlaweb

1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with iOS and Android App Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale for Body Weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Bone Mass and Visceral Fat, White:Enlaweb

Price:£24.99+ Free shipping with Peliculas-gratis Prime

James Gabb
James Gabb Reply to on 15 February 2017
A set of scales is one of those little things that all households have, but very few ever use or pay attention to. As a result, many people find themselves getting increasingly out of shape without even noticing. It is difficult to track and monitor your weight manually, so very few people do. A set of Bluetooth scales changes this, as they sync with your phone and automatically update, track and chart your progress. Most Bluetooth scales sit in a price range well above the average consumer's affordability, giving them a 'premium' but not essential status. They can often exceed £70, and offer a slew of functions from body fat percentage to water weight, bone density and muscle mass. However, this expensive tech has now trickled down into more affordable products such as these scales by 1byone.
How do these 'budget' scales stack up against rival body monitors? Impressively well, as it turns out.
I ordered these and paid full price; no incentive here for a review. When they arrived, they were easy to set up and were boxed in decent if plain packaging. I downloaded the accompanying app as instructed and set about testing them against my older, non-bluetooth body-monitoring scales. The 1byone, with repeated tests over the course of two hours, maintained a consistent set of results. My body fat percentage, weight, muscle mass and water mass data was synced to the phone with no problems each time and remained the same. My rival, non-bluetooth scales, however, varied enormously by ranges of 1-5kg in weight on repeated testing and body fat percentage differences of between 1-10%!
I tested them at the same time the next day, by which time my weight had changed slightly, and the same results occured. The 1byone scales remained consistent with repeated measurements, but my older ones varied enormously again. They remained consistent even when using the product on different floor surfaces; wood, vinyl and thin carpet.
The scales are well built and weighty; my only fault being one of the electrodes was angled slightly differently to the remaining three. However, the display was bright, attractive and looks far more premium than it's price my suggest, looking just as impressive with its frosted glass and metal electrodes as products twice its value. The scales and app sync together remarkably quickly and gives you the option to save the data. No connection problems have been encountered so far after three weeks of use.
The app itself is rather basic and has quite an un-intuitive user interface. It can take a while to find and navigate the charts and menus but once you've figure out the navigation it works exactly as it is supposed to. It doesn't have the slickest design, but in terms of pure functionality there have been no problems at all. It gives you all your data on a single screen, you can swipe left and right to look at previous readings, and it produces charts of weight/time to be able to effectively visualise your progress. This is an enormous aid to anyone wanting to lose weight, as they can see themselves losing the weight.
I paid full price for this product and was not incentivised to write this review. I do, however, feel that technology this good should be available at affordable prices and for this, the 1byone scales pull out all the stops. My only gripe, and the reason I have omitted a star, is because I believe the user interface on the app could be friendlier and more visually attractive.
If you found this helpful, a thumbs up would be appreciated. Thanks for reading!
TinselFab Reply to on 12 December 2016
I'm currently on a 'new me' program and have lost six stones in the last year; however, I still have another two stones to go....... My previous scales literally told me what my entire body weight was, but I wanted to know a lot more than that. These scales are AMAZING for this as they measure fat weight, water weight (which is a big contributing factor in both weight gain & loss), muscle mass, bone mass, etc...... It is so important to have an accurate reflection. The APP functionality makes these scales stand out from the rest!!!!

The tempered glass is extremely strong and sturdy, and looks ultra modern in my bathroom!!!! Great value for the money too :) :) :) Thank you xxx
Niko Reply to on 11 August 2018
Review update. Customer service is A+ and they have fixed my issues for me really quickly. The issues below have been rectified. The app still feels a little clunky but it is smoother and works fine, even better it now automatically transfers the data across to my fitbit app so I don't even need to use the main app anyway. Really pleased with it over all. Functional and looks a lot higher quality than the price would say..

Old review below.

Initially when I bought the scale I would have reviewed it as a 4 star product for reasons below. However for the last few months it has refused to connect with my phone, I have tried connecting in a variety of the manufacturers apps but it just won't. In one of the apps it says connected but doesn't send any data to it. I wouldn't care about the wireless business but it is the only way to see your body fat % and this is really the only important metric to me as my weight goes up and down due to muscle mass.

Otherwise it is a well built product, looks a lot more expensive than its price tag. The app is clunky and has the awkwardness of a non-native English producer (if I'm wrong then there is just something awkward about it).

A shame. Won't buy 1byone products again though, lesson learned.
Adam Ogle
Adam Ogle Reply to on 17 May 2018
I've had these scales for a few months now and have found a number pros and cons:

The scales themselves are sleek and measure quickly. The app is quick, easy to use and connects with no fuss. Being able to set multiple users is a very useful feature. Historic tracking is nice, with the graphical representation again being a nice touch.

Turn the scales on and take your weight and you'll get a reading. Step off and then weigh yourself again and I've found myself losing a few pounds in a few seconds (maybe this should be a positive!). The body fat reading seems incorrect, mine hasn't changed in a month despite dropping when measured with calipers.

Exactly what I was looking for given my budget, some of the extras might not be as accurate as you want, but ultimately it will measure your weight correctly and that's the main thing. The app is very handy and being able to track against your goals is really nice. I would recommend buying them but don't take all the extra measures as fact!
Jack Dixon
Jack Dixon Reply to on 22 December 2017
What a fantastic set of scales. Set up took less that 5 minutes (including inserting batteries which were supplied).

Download App, Insert the batteries, turn on Bluetooth, enter a few personal details into the app (height, age etc..) and step on. It really was that simple. You don’t even have to pair the Bluetooth, it’s like magic.

Only problem... my weight. But tracking it, along with my body fat %, will help it drop.

Works with Apple Health
K. Donnelly
K. Donnelly Reply to on 29 June 2017
My Withings body fat scale sadly bit the bullet and I was devastated!!! I really couldn't afford £140 for a new one so opted for one of these. At just over £20 these really are a nifty bit of kit!!! Scales are really accurate, weighing me the same as my withings scales (before they headed over rainbow bridge to scale heaven)!! They look very sleek and are easy to set up. The app that you use with the scales doesn't have as refined a user interface as the withings scales but for the difference in price that's a small price to pay. The scales will give you your weight in pounds even though it's set to stones and pounds on the app but that's only a small niggle. Definitely worth the money, I'm very pleased.
customer Reply to on 6 November 2017
I was a little worried after reading reviews about using the app with my Phone, but they have updated it and it works great now using the app.It has a cool low profile look,it's really lightweight. The set up took me 30 seconds, you put the included batteries in, grab your phone, download the app and put your bluetooth on. It paired automatically with out delay. The weight seems to match what I was at the doctors office.Love the BMI and all the info it provides. Quality build, hope it last.
daz Reply to on 24 July 2018
A fantastic set is scales very easy to setup in fact you don’t have to set the scales up just download the app put your info into the app and switch your Bluetooth on, once you stand on the scales the information will be sent to the app, you can set upto 10 people on the app each with their own information, the information is spot on I checked my info with my doctors scales and the 1byone was exactly right,
For the price of the 1byone scales you really cannot go wrong , I give this product 10out if 10. The build quality is fantastic. And the information that is sent is brilliant. I used the iOS app and I’m very impressed.
sunglo Reply to on 2 January 2018
Love the scales and the fact it downloads to your phone. I love data! However have had to keep to lbs as when I used stones it was giving me a weight of 8 stone 16 lbs. I also thought I had put on weight and have been struggling to get it down. And then yesterday I weighed myself on normal scales and my weight was what it should be. I think the 1byone scales have added half a stone. I have now tried another set of scales and they too confirm that 1byone have added half a stone!
Jesus Rodriguez
Jesus Rodriguez Reply to on 19 July 2018
Interesting and accurate scale. It has an application to sync the weight and body fat. Through the app, you'll be able to have a history of your weight.
Quite accurate and simple to use with or without the app. The basic reading without the app is just the weight, but again, if you open the app on the phone just after weighting, then the app will sync and display the body fat and register it automatically on the historical chart.
Obviously, you have to configure your height, genre, dob and other details used to calculate BMI and provide a recommendation of the weight.
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