Enlaweb Direct Uniforms BOYS PLUS SIZE "PALVINI" STURDY FIT SCHOOL TROUSERS SHORT LEG (L Waist 32-36"- inside leg 26", GREY):Enlaweb
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Direct Uniforms BOYS PLUS SIZE "PALVINI" STURDY FIT SCHOOL TROUSERS SHORT LEG (L Waist 32-36"- inside leg 26", GREY):Enlaweb

4directuniforms/PALVINI Published in October 15, 2018, 8:41 am
 Direct Uniforms BOYS PLUS SIZE "PALVINI" STURDY FIT SCHOOL TROUSERS SHORT LEG (L Waist 32-36"- inside leg 26", GREY):Enlaweb

Direct Uniforms BOYS PLUS SIZE "PALVINI" STURDY FIT SCHOOL TROUSERS SHORT LEG (L Waist 32-36"- inside leg 26", GREY):Enlaweb

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girish nagpaul
girish nagpaul Reply to on 18 October 2016
Finally found school trousers that fit my 11yr old son. Have struggled for a few years to find trousers to fit my son who has been quite bulky for his age from about 8 yrs old. Tried all the generous fit school trousers by the high street shops and supermarkets. The only ones that were a half way decent fit were by BHS, which now are unavailable. My son just started high school and I must have ordered at least 15 pairs of trousers from various retailers. stores that do generous fit either never have them in stock or the quality and fit is never consistent and just not generous or comfortable or the length is off. Gave these a go not really expecting much. The minute my son put them on we both literally jumped around giving each other high fives! Only parents who have struggled would understand what I mean! They fit perfectly. The waist, the length, the quality all perfect!! The only thing missing is belt loops, but for my son even this was perfect as he hates wearing belts, so the trousers actually look better without the loops. For those who like to wear belts this could be an issue, but I feel a minor trade off for a great fitting pair of trousers. They wash very well, do not shrink or loose shape. Have bought more pairs and all are exactly the same, no difference in size or quality at all.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 23 February 2016
Fab! My son is 9 years old and I couldn't get school trousers to fit him anywhere untill I came across these. Really generous in sizes and perfect in lentgh. Would highly recommend them to anyone and also be buying more
Iokasti Reply to on 28 September 2016
Finally pair of trousers for normal kids. This was the third pair I purchased and I am so grateful to the manufacturer. Believe it or not was a nightmare for me to find a comfortable and right size pair of trousers for my ten years old boy. He is taller and bigger sized for his age. I had spend hours and money on all high Street and supermarkets school wear. I also paid twice the price of some trousers to get them fixed for him. No more. These trousers are good quality and perfect size in reasonable price. They were even delivered in three days.
I would definitely recommend.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 30 January 2018
Everything's as expected no nasty surprises.
I have a nightmare trying to find school trousers for my rugby player built boy. Skinny leg trousers & rugby thighs are a headache combination.
These were what I wanted I knew I was going to need to take them up so that wasn't an issue. They were just what I'd hoped for. Will probably order another so he has a spare pair.
C. Linley
C. Linley Reply to on 5 September 2017
This is our second year of buying the school uniform from this seller . I can't give them enough praise !! The trousers are an excellent fit and wear exceedingly well . Buying the school trousers used to be a nightmare and to get the tummy size the legs were miles too long but now these come in short leg size if you require that ..........so no more hem turning for me :) Thank you very much and will be ordering again next year !
FSamuel Reply to on 22 September 2015
My 11 year old is more of a 14 year old size. I always have problems to find school trousers that fits. I was checking 'school uniforms' on Amazon and these came as a suggestion.
I bought them solely on the good reviews and relied on my luck not expecting much as I bought so many trousers before, especially from high street stores that did not fit him, with legs too, too long and I had to cut a big chunk, or the waist would be ill fitted.
I bought two pairs, one XL and one L as I was not sure. Both fit, but of course, the XL is too big so, he can keep it for next year.
Ok, down to the nitty gritty: the trousers are well made, and the fabric is heavy. A plus in winter.The back of the waist is elasticated, so, even if you buy a slightly smaller size, it should still be a fit as their sizes are quite generous and the elastic increases the waist by at least 2cms. They wash well at 40 degrees and if you hang them to dry straight away, they do not need ironing. The colour does not run.
The reason I did not give a full five stars: the trousers do not have a loop for a belt.
I would suggest to the manufacturer that they could consider adding loops. It does not take much more material but for us, mums, it would be a relief to know that, even in the event of the buttons/clasp popping off or the zip breaking, our boys would still keep their trousers up via a belt until they get home.
For sizing, if anyone need more info, my son is 1.58cm and 57kgs and size L is perfect.
Nmariec Reply to on 3 July 2018
Absolutely brilliant quality, the trousers have lasted my son the whole of year 7. He is a stocky lad and short. I really struggled to find trouser that we’re going to be comfortable and suitable. These are perfect my son is just short or 5ft although he has grown an inch or so (so was shorter when he started) originally I ordered a smaller waist then a bigger, both fit him the smaller lasted till he grew out of them, now the bigger ones fit him lovely. He has plenty of room and no restriction of the waist. Don’t think about it just buy them. For the price they are brilliant.
Widge Hume
Widge Hume Reply to on 12 December 2017
Was a little worried about these,as my grandson doesn't fit "off the peg" trousers,these were perfect, I ordered 2 the small and medium just to be on safe side. He kept the small and I gave the medium to my other grandson who also doesn't fit "off the peg" trousers. Very satisfied with fit and material, they seem robust enough to handle a10 year olds wear n tear.
Connors mum
Connors mum Reply to on 7 September 2016
This is the 3rd time I have bought my son's school trousers from this company and they provide EXCELLENT customer service. The trousers fit leg length very very well and I would say if anything the waist size is mildly too large but nothing that means they are falling down! The cut is great, especially for kids with 'rugby thighs'. The delivery was incredibly prompt and everything went smoothly. I will not hesitate in continuing to use them.
norman Reply to on 17 September 2017
After searching for ages and trying every plus fit, make and size I found these. Perfect to sizing. Measured my little man. Ordered and waited patiently (very quick 2 day delivery) got little dude to (reluctantly) try on and BINGO! perfect fit 😎. Comfortable generous stretch waist (which makes all the difference), roomy hips but fit well as not to look baggy. Perfect leg fitting. Looks very smart. One happy mum one comfortable little dude 😎
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