Enlaweb 55 Sport United Replacement Nylon Football Studs - Black - 13/16mm:Enlaweb
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55 Sport United Replacement Nylon Football Studs - Black - 13/16mm:Enlaweb

55 Sport
55 Sport Published in October 15, 2018, 8:13 am
 55 Sport United Replacement Nylon Football Studs - Black - 13/16mm:Enlaweb

55 Sport United Replacement Nylon Football Studs - Black - 13/16mm:Enlaweb

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Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy Reply to on 23 November 2017
I got these for my mate so I can't really comment about how they feel myself but what I can do is paint you a mental picture of the first use.

It was a crisp Sunday morning and Tom was missing a stud or two. He'd asked me to be there ten minutes before kickoff so he could get fully loaded. Being slightly hungover I missed kickoff meaning he had to solider on without the advised number of studs in his boots.
Having had some heavy rain the previous week these were far from ideal conditions to be taking such a risk, ever the trooper he threw caution to the wind and made his way onto the pitch much to the shock of the players from both teams.

I turned up in good time to watch a lot of the first half. Tom looked to be handling the treacherous conditions with ease with only a few hair raising moments where he seemed out of control. Even some of the players with a full set of studs looked to be struggling for traction which just goes to show what a talent we have on our hands.

Half time came and I was there ready and waiting. I'd already taken the staples out of the packaging so we could be sure to get the studs on and the player out on the pitch in good time. With the speed and precision of a well orchestrated F1 pit team I had the player refuelled with Jelly Babies and a full set of studs. He was ready.

Not far into the second half we broke up the wing. Tom was running the ball with the finesse only someone with the confidence a fresh set of studs can bring. For a fleeting moment it looked as though he was going ping one in the bottom left. Unfortunately he drastically miss kicked the ball and it went off for a throw in.
Now, I can't be sure if this was down to the studs or just his distinct lack of talent. Owing to the fact I have seen him do this countless times I feel it harsh to be blaming the studs at this early stage.

For now I am giving them a solid 5 star rating.
Holland's Pies
Holland's Pies Reply to on 9 April 2018
These fit size 8 Nike Mercurials. Watch out though, we tried 3 boot spanners (3 pointed variety) before one fitted. With the 3 spanners we found in the house - it was the larger of the three (an Adidas one). With the one pack we replaced the studs across both boots.
Mr. PGeoR
Mr. PGeoR Reply to on 20 March 2018
Used to replace a lost stud on Adidas Rugby Boots. Can't tell the difference! Great spares
GW Reply to on 9 June 2018
Didn't screw fully into the boots no matter how hard you tried, last couple of mm wouldn't go in. Whilst older ones worked fine.
Pen Name
Pen Name Reply to on 24 October 2017
Excellent value, perfect for my son’s Nike CR7s.
PL Reply to on 11 January 2018
I purchased these to replace the missing studs on my son’s Adidas football boots and they fit perfectly. Great price and quality.
Freddy Reply to on 2 May 2017
Brilliant, just what I needed so I don't waste money buying new boots
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 31 May 2017
Bought these for my son's Adidas X 16.3 boots and they fit perfectly, I was struggling to find replacement studs but these were spot on, one very happy boy that his boots are as good as new.
Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson Reply to on 13 September 2018
Had to return these, they state universal and fit most boots, however they did not fit the addidas boots is bought them for or any other boots in our house so i had to return them. Returns was simple and straight forward so that was a positive for Amazon
D. K.
D. K. Reply to on 10 January 2018
Arrived quickly and worked perfectly. Easy to use and good value for money.
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