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TED Talks The official TED guide to public speaking:Enlaweb

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson Published in October 15, 2018, 9:30 am
 TED Talks The official TED guide to public speaking:Enlaweb

TED Talks The official TED guide to public speaking:Enlaweb

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Shopi-dopi-do-dah Reply to on 3 March 2018
"If you've picked up this book just because you love the idea of strutting the stage and being a TED Talk star, inspiring audiences with your charisma, please, put it down right now. Instead, go and work on something that is worth sharing. Style without substance is awful."

"The central thesis of this book is that anyone who has an idea worth sharing is capable of giving a powerful talk. The only thing that truly matters in public speaking is not confidence, stage presence, or smooth talking. It's having something worth saying."

If you are the one person who has never heard of TED Talks, the talks began as an annual conference on Technology, Entertainment, Design but have since grown to include talks on every subject imaginable delivered carefully and succinctly.

This book is your speech coach helping you to hone your skill, to get across your ideas in a way that allows you to remain yourself in the talk but by being your best self how to tell the story so others care and are motivated.

And like a good speech, this book has first-hand stories that make the substance of how to give a great talk come alive. Substance always matters more than style but if you could give a great talk and knew how to do it with great style, why wouldn't you? This book takes you there.
AMT Reply to on 23 September 2016
An interesting and well written book on how to give presentations in general and Ted Talks in particular.
It's all the usual information (plan, practice, focus).
It was well structured and had interesting anecdotes.
However, the book felt a bit long winded and padded out.
The same information could have been given much more concisely!
Tony Jeton Selimi
Tony Jeton Selimi Reply to on 12 September 2017
Every chapter gave me a new perspective on how to prepare for my talk that I delivered at this year’s 6th annual TEDx conference in Wilmington. A must read book not only for TEDx speakers but also anyone who wants to create a memorable speech that moves people into action.
Mr. N.
Mr. N. Reply to on 27 December 2016
A very indepth analysis of the art of public speaking. With the emphasis on the collaborative approach on sharing knowledge in the modern world.
Jane Bentley
Jane Bentley Reply to on 12 April 2018
Helped me plan my TEDx talk - it does what it says on the cover! SOme useful advie I hadn't yet come across.
M M.
M M. Reply to on 28 July 2017
Just got into reading this. Brilliantly written and really making me think about the whole concept of presenting and speaking in a new light, which is good as I have been doing sales presentations and training my whole career. Looking forward to using this in my speaking curation work for my local TEDx team as well.
Danny Anderson
Danny Anderson Reply to on 8 June 2018
alan smith
alan smith Reply to on 3 October 2017
Love the casual conversational style and the general approach that anyone can be a good public speaker if you follow some key rules
Roy M
Roy M Reply to on 9 January 2018
Good as advertised
Disco Diva
Disco Diva Reply to on 20 October 2017
Useful tips and entertaining too. A good read
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