Enlaweb Oypla Flower Staging Display Greenhouse Racking Shelving Double Pack:Enlaweb
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Oypla Flower Staging Display Greenhouse Racking Shelving Double Pack:Enlaweb

Oypla Published in October 15, 2018, 8:36 am
 Oypla Flower Staging Display Greenhouse Racking Shelving Double Pack:Enlaweb

Oypla Flower Staging Display Greenhouse Racking Shelving Double Pack:Enlaweb

Price:£21.99+ Free shipping with Mytools Prime

Mike Rae
Mike Rae Reply to on 12 May 2017
Because of the low cost I didn't hold out great hope but I've been pleasantly surprised. They arrived very quickly and can be put together in minutes without any tools. I purchased two and simply tie wrapped them together and they are now remarkably stable. The racks themselves probably don't offer enough width for the keen greenhouse gardener however it's easy enough to put some wider bits of thin marine ply on any of the shelves that you need widened. They've been fully laden with seed trays and pots since I bought them and now I've shifted everything into the cold frame I've checked their condition and they're still like new. Unless I do something silly I can these shelves lasting for years. A+++++
Marbo Reply to on 8 June 2017
I bought the twin pack a few weeks ago to replace metal greenhouse staging which I got rid of last year. The pack arrived right on time and was very securely wrapped. When I took the parcel in my husband quickly disappeared 😏 And of course I couldn't wait to burst open the parcel. The instructions were there but I did not have to use them because the racks were so simple to erect it was self explanatory. In no time I had them built up and installed in the greenhouse. Great! They are so simple to move or even take off one shelf if you have a bigger plant and yet also very sturdy. They will even come apart easily for storage if need be. Wish I had bought them last year, but anyway I have them now and find them very useful. Definately recommend them to anyone.
G. Postello
G. Postello Reply to on 14 March 2017
very easy to put together.quite sturdy .even better if you use tie wraps to secure it to the greenhouse frame,Quite a good price for two racks ,I previously bought a rack from aldi for the same price as I paid for two identical racks from this seller
J. Upton
J. Upton Reply to on 13 September 2017
I've just used these shelves to organise the cupboard under the stairs. The ability to build the shelves to any height enables you to fit them pretty much anywhere. I have another set in my bedroom, on which I keep all my shoe boxes and files of papers, and another set outdoors where plants get the best angle for sunlight. Good value, and very easy to assemble.
Mrs. S. E. Walker
Mrs. S. E. Walker Reply to on 7 May 2017
Very pleased with these! Prompt delivery, easy to put up and they are now full with my trays and pots of plants. The shelves are easily removable for any larger plants. I've secured the shelf grids with plant ties and also secured the whole staging to the greenhouse structure for rigidity as an extra precaution (not necessary, just me being me!). Great value for money and would recommend these!
Mr. J. P. Robins
Mr. J. P. Robins Reply to on 11 April 2018
I now have 3 in my greenhouse. Bought one many years ago . Gives lots of shelf space for seed trays and pots . Easy to disassemble and store for the summer months so greenhouse free for tomatoes and cucumbers. I use a small wooden mallet to both assemble and disassemble. Keep bungees around them horizontally as when fully loaded they can spring apart when older .
OmaLanRF Reply to on 13 May 2018
As you can see from the photos, these plant shelves are a great addition to any type of greenhouse. They went together so easily and when built they are also very light and strong. I took a chance and ordered four of them and I'm glad I did. At this price, you can't go wrong folks.
Rosemary m Harrison
Rosemary m Harrison Reply to on 6 May 2017
Very good product easy assembly , light weight but robust enough for many trays would recommend . Reasonable price too
Rob M.
Rob M. Reply to on 11 November 2015
These are not the sturdiest of plant stands but as good as I expected for the price. If you were to fill them up with large pots, they would probably buckle over time, but I wanted them to hold large numbers of seedlings and small plants, for which they are perfect
Miss VL Russell
Miss VL Russell Reply to on 20 March 2018
Arrived on time, box is lightweight and easy to put together. As the previous comments say it is a bit flimsy when putting together but once in place in the green house they're quite sturdy and held better than the greenhouse did in recent rough storms, even with plants on the shelves. Recommended!
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