Enlaweb Customer reviews Slinky Dog Toy Story and Beyond:Enlaweb
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Customer reviews Slinky Dog Toy Story and Beyond:Enlaweb

Slinky Published in October 15, 2018, 9:35 am
Customer reviews Slinky Dog Toy Story and Beyond:Enlaweb

Customer reviews Slinky Dog Toy Story and Beyond:Enlaweb

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YoloYolo Reply to on 7 January 2015
We have a lot of the Toy Story toys and our little boy had Slinky on his wishlist for a while now. I was a little cautious in ordering it due to several negative reviews but he wanted it so much that I couldn't deny him and made a choice in the end.

I see many people complaining about the short pull string and the fact that he doesn't stand up easily. Granted these 2 facts may vary from the animated movie but... it is an animated movie after all.

The pull string is short but I don't think it would be ideal to have a long string, it would get in the way and a really long string would definitely tangle in the slinky causing other issues. My son sits low and pulls him along just fine and even if he falls it doesn't really seem to phase him, kids find a way to continue with their play.

As for the standing up issue, again yes, this is an issue but... the dogs body is a slinky! This can't be compared to any other toy that sits up straight. Again, my son found the trick to this himself and it as simple as pulling the slinky apart 1-2 inches when propping him and he stands just fine.

Don't let the negative reviews fool you, it is a great toy and children that love the movie won't care in the slightest about these little things that us picky adults worry about too much sometimes..
greggfriedrice Reply to on 2 January 2018
I was worried that this product, when given to my young nephew, would follow the fate of all the slinkys I had as a kid - tangled and bent out of shape. Fortunately this toy comes with an internal string which keeps the slinky from stretching too far. An excellent addition to help prolong the life of the toy. My nephew was thrilled to add it to his Toy Story collection and I'm considering getting one for myself...
Boop Reply to on 13 April 2018
Arrived on time - within 48 hrs! Bought this with Mr Potato Head for our Grandson - who is having hours of fun playing with them. Sturdy and well made! Would buy again.
Brian G. D. Lynch
Brian G. D. Lynch Reply to on 27 July 2017
A gift for my grandson ~ he loves it and plays with on a regular basis. Just got to be careful he doesn't pull it too much as it can then "fly" a little!!
Mrs. D. Collier
Mrs. D. Collier Reply to on 16 September 2013
This was a gift for my son who loves Toy Story. It's a decent size and exactly what he wanted. The only down side to slinky toys is children over stretching the springs, this is our second slinky toy. Still, a lovely addition to the whole set.
FairShyYaffle Reply to on 29 September 2017
Very pleased with this, especially at the price which was a third lees than when I first started looking at this.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 17 November 2017
Arrived well before delivery date am very pleased with it my daughter will be so chuffted Christmas morning that she now has slinky
Samantha Harper
Samantha Harper Reply to on 30 November 2017
A classic toy throughly enjoyed by two year old
Sarah van der Walt
Sarah van der Walt Reply to on 18 December 2017
Had dirty smudge marks on his ears
Mummy Reply to on 9 December 2017
Bought as a Christmas present
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