Enlaweb Premium Waterproof Bag, Sack with phone dry bag and long adjustable Shoulder Strap Included, Perfect for Kayaking / Boating / Canoeing / Fishing / Rafting / Swimming / Camping / Snowboarding (black, 20 L):Enlaweb
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Premium Waterproof Bag, Sack with phone dry bag and long adjustable Shoulder Strap Included, Perfect for Kayaking / Boating / Canoeing / Fishing / Rafting / Swimming / Camping / Snowboarding (black, 20 L):Enlaweb

Ultra Dry Adventurer
Ultra Dry Adventurer Published in October 15, 2018, 9:41 am
 Premium Waterproof Bag, Sack with phone dry bag and long adjustable Shoulder Strap Included, Perfect for Kayaking / Boating / Canoeing / Fishing / Rafting / Swimming / Camping / Snowboarding (black, 20 L):Enlaweb

Premium Waterproof Bag, Sack with phone dry bag and long adjustable Shoulder Strap Included, Perfect for Kayaking / Boating / Canoeing / Fishing / Rafting / Swimming / Camping / Snowboarding (black, 20 L):Enlaweb

Price:£20.99+ Free shipping with Whiteox Prime

Oxencube Reply to on 8 May 2017
We were lucky enough to receive a handful of these amazing dry bags last week. The first thing we noticed was how efficient and speedy the postage was.

For a 20 Litre bag, they are extremely spacious. Our foredeck crew, Sam, was able to put all the kit he needed for an offshore race in it. More importantly, it was all dry when he came to put it on, and it was not a dry crossing. Video Review is on our facebook page Code Zero Racing

The dry bag also comes with two straps allowing you to use it as a satchel and a backpack which we love. Being able to use it as a backpack allows you to pack it up with more weight and it's still comfortable to carry. The straps are also adjustable which meant all of our crew were able to adjust this to suit them.

Secondly, the dry phone case. Our navigator, Harry, loves this. On our offshore races, he can put his phone in it connected to our navigation systems allowing him to remain on deck for longer and navigate more efficiently. They are large enough to fit an iPhone 6S in which is great and unlike other phone cases, it's really easy to seal and unseal. With a handy wrist strap as well.

All in all, we've put these bags through their paces and they are yet to let us down, we are extremely happy with these products and would recommend them to anyone.
Guy F.
Guy F. Reply to on 26 April 2017
This product arrived promptly and was clean and well packaged. And by well packaged I mean it came in a sturdy re-usable clear bag that has a press-stud so you can use it to store some clothes or belongings in, then put it inside the main bag. There's even a hole on the bottom of the clear bag so you can fold the bag in half and still use the press-stud! I love that sort of attention to detail!

And now, the waterproof bag itself... Also great!! I ordered the black 20L - that's about the size of two or three fully-laden toilet roll stands - and managed to fit all my camping gear in it, specifically:

* 1-man bivy tent: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01M1VBFJX/
* Lightweight sleeping bag: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00M94394E/
* Self-inflating mat: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01M1VBFJX/
* Inflatable pillow: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01MDS4OKK/

And did I mention the clear plastic bag the product was delivered in? Yeah, that's in there too with change of clothing. And there's still a bit of wiggle room for some other bits and pieces.

To ensure comfort I also ordered two non-slip strap pads (specifically these ones: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004R7LGO6/ - there are loads of others on Amazon) and they made the whole thing perfect. I've now got an entire camping holiday in a very comfy, lightweight and waterproof sack on my back. I'm really delighted how this little project has turned out - gone are the days when I'd be lugging something the size of an oblong poo-throwing chimpanzee on my back!

Oh, and the phone case - almost forgot... I wasn't planning to use it, but it's small and the strap is smooth and comfortable, so why not?! Looks big enough to fit most modern mobile phones, and certainly my iPhone. I've not tested it fully yet, but it looks well made and should be suitable for your needs.
Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes Reply to on 16 September 2017
Ordered a 20l drybag in advance of a snorkeling holiday and was so impressed with the quality when it arrived via Amazon locker the following day I immediately ordered another. In short, my drybags have today been subjected to several hours of bobbing about on the surface of the Mediterranean without a trace of any water ingress (my tuna sandwich remained dry throughout). An added bonus was the bright yellow colour which ensured I was clearly visible to others from a distance. I also tested the free mobile phone case which also performed flawlessly. I have had a couple of people approach me re the drybags and phone case and have informed where purchased, hopefully leading to a couple of sales for the company. Would definitely buy again.
Mick. C
Mick. C Reply to on 7 August 2017
I am using it as a rucksack on my mountain bike/cyclocross rides, as I am fed up with cycling specific rucksacks getting soaked, covered in mud or allowing the contents to get wet, then taking ages to dry out in the garage.
This dry sack solves all my problems, its comfortable slung over crossways, waterproof and completely watertight. After a muddy ride I can hose it down, shake it and its dry. The contents stay dry. The free phone bag was tested by putting a piece of tissue inside it, and placing it in the washer with my muddy cycle kit. Thirty minutes later and a 1400rpm spin cycle the tissue was inspected and found to be still dry.
I am very pleased with my purchase and the free phone sack.... thanks.
Read all night
Read all night Reply to on 21 October 2016
Absolutely delighted with this bag it is the second one I have bought. I recommend this for anyone who does water sports as I recently capsized my kayak the bag was under water for at least 5 minutes being dragged along under the boat. When it came time for lunch everything was bone dry (apart from me) brilliant bag and it held quite a lot
Mr Joe M.
Mr Joe M. Reply to on 10 November 2017
I bought the bad to replace my Overboard bag of similar design and capacity. It's not quite as thick materiel and I don't think it will be quite as robust, but seems well put together. I use these for adventure motorcycling, so robustness is important to me. To use for diving and beach stuff, it's very good.

The phone case that came with it it surprisingly good. Better that one I paid a fair bit more for. The catches are easy to use and click into place for peace of mind when in or near the water with what are extremely expensive electronics nowadays, that will not work again if they get drowned. Impressed with it.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 9 June 2018
I’d been thinking about getting one of these for a while to accompany me on my sea and river swim.

Didn’t disappoint. It’s strong; sturdy; floats; easy to open/close. Quality product.

Have already taken it out for a long sea swim (it was bobbing about in the sea for an hour and a half, and I used the phone case too which is also excellent: totally waterproof, easy to use, and lets you use your phone as an underwater camera/video cam (i’ve used others before - this was better).

Checked thoroughly after my swim: not a trace of water inside either product.

Highly recommend - as do they - doing the test first w/ the phone case. Put just a piece of tissue in it and submerge it in the sink for an hour - to make 100% sure that there’s no leaks.

Only small gripe with the bag (hence the 4 out of 5 stars) is that the 10L is a little smaller than I expected. They do provide a picture on the seller page for size reference (pictured on a man’s back) but it could perhaps be aided by an example of what can each size bag could reasonably carry.

My 10-litre tightly fits a 750ml bottle of water, a small body-towel, a thin t-shirt, and my keys & wallet. Closed properly, with the top rolled up as instructed, it’s quite a bit smaller (certainly inside) than it looks in the pics.

The 30-litre would have definitely suited me better (I’ll likely get one of those now too), as I could then fit - as I wanted to - my trainers and shorts, etc, as well as a snack: allowing me to take all my gear with me, rather than having to leave certain items in the car or on the shore/bank. This is important as, on many swims (down a river, for example) enter the water in one location, and come out somewhere else.

All in all, a fantastic product. Would (and will) buy again: just the 30-litre this time.
Baz Reply to on 15 August 2018
I bought this bag(20 litre) for commuting to work by bicycle, Its well made, it has not rained here in Belfast since ive got it but im sure it will do its intended job of keeping my things dry, i was a bit worried that the 20 litre bag would be too big but it does fold down small enough if you dont have that much in it, It can cause your back to seat a bit while wearing a T shirt as it is made of rubber/plastic but thats a small gripe, glad i have purchased this, delivery was quick, my samsung s6 with cover on will fit into the water proof case which im sure will come in handy at some stage.
Spike Reply to on 2 March 2017
Delivery to my friend was very quick and he brought it out to Grenada in the Caribbean. I live on a boat so keeping things dry is a priority. This bag was well made with good durable material and a strap. Plus the phone bag is great as I have a larger than average phone and I lose phones a lot (as well as flip-flops. I am now going to do a full manual test by falling overboard and going down to 20 ft or maybe more - who knows. thanks for a good product - a good sailors bag
J. Fowler
J. Fowler Reply to on 7 August 2017
I bought this dry bag about half a year ago to take on holiday with me to Thailand.
I needed it to hold a few things and keep them safe and dry when out on a boat trip and also paddle boarding for the day.
The bag is easy to set in position once the items are inside. the clip is solid and the material itself is durable and comfortable when carrying.
I did manage to fall in the sea a couple times whilst wearing the bag and nothing inside got wet at all.
I fully recommend this bag and the phone case it comes with as they both do their job perfectly.

Thanks for reading.
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