Enlaweb ZELITE Infinity Paring Knife 4 inch >> Razor-Edge Series >> Best Quality Japanese AUS8 High Carbon Stainless Steel, Black Pakkawood Handle, Full-Tang, Sleek Chef Design, Ultra-Premium Leather Sheath:Enlaweb
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ZELITE Infinity Paring Knife 4 inch >> Razor-Edge Series >> Best Quality Japanese AUS8 High Carbon Stainless Steel, Black Pakkawood Handle, Full-Tang, Sleek Chef Design, Ultra-Premium Leather Sheath:Enlaweb

Zelite Infinity
Zelite Infinity Published in October 15, 2018, 8:13 am
 ZELITE Infinity Paring Knife 4 inch >> Razor-Edge Series >> Best Quality Japanese AUS8 High Carbon Stainless Steel, Black Pakkawood Handle, Full-Tang, Sleek Chef Design, Ultra-Premium Leather Sheath:Enlaweb

ZELITE Infinity Paring Knife 4 inch >> Razor-Edge Series >> Best Quality Japanese AUS8 High Carbon Stainless Steel, Black Pakkawood Handle, Full-Tang, Sleek Chef Design, Ultra-Premium Leather Sheath:Enlaweb

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Mr. G. Hamilton
Mr. G. Hamilton Reply to on 5 February 2018
Imagine if you will, a man constantly being berated by his loved ones about the blunt kitchen knives that marr an otherwise exemplary cooking area. Comments such as "these knives are crap", "*grunt noise followed by banging* The knife is stuck in the sweet potato!", "Bo**ocks! just slipped and nicked myself cutting this onion!", etc. were thrown towards him every day.

Sick of the abuse, he purchased a ZELITE INFINITY 4 Inch Paring Knife, a bit pricey but not as expensive as some. When it arrived, the family surrounded the box for the grand opening and were pleasantly surprised to find that it came in its very own presentation box and was safely sheathed in its custom fitted hard leather scabbard. With a click and a swish the knife was released from its hide cage, drawing all light to it as the family looked on. As one they moved to the chopping board where a selection of veg lay, waiting for the chop.

The blade sang as it sliced and cleaved through plant flesh and innards, with no effort at all on the part of the wielder. When all that could be chopped was chopped the blade screamed out for more. Dragging the man behind it, the knife sliced through the fridge door and found its way to some chicken. Quickly and effortlessly the chicken was diced leaving the man afraid that in the 'eyes' of the blade "are we all not just meat to be chopped?"...

Fortunately the blade's thirst had been quenched and it lazily led the man to the sink for a wash and a nap. The terrified man gently dried the knife, very aware of the power of the blade, and safely slid it back into its sheath. To this day the family have not complained when preparing meals, the ZELITE INFINITY 4 Inch Paring Knife makes quick and easy work of anything we leave in front of it.
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts Reply to on 15 March 2018
I've been wanting a small paring knife for some time and have been watching Zelite products on Amazon getting excellent reviews.

They've gone to town with the packaging. A bit over the top for my liking although at least it's mainly cardboard.

The knife is really sharp. It's sharpened at a finer angle compared to others I've owned. But knifes are usually super-sharp when brand new; any blade can be made to the sharp. What we're after is high-quality metal which doesn't go blunt after a short amount of usage. It seems strong and high quality to me so I expect it'll do its job for a while before I need to get my whetstone out.

I'm not a fan of the handle - it's too "round" for my liking but it's not a major issue for a paring knife. It would bug me more if it was a larger chef knife and having a lot of chopping to do.

It comes with a leather wallet which is useful if you're likely to store in a drawer.
Kevin Reply to on 22 December 2017
I have bought a number of different styles [Executive Plus, Alfa Royal, Razor Edge, Comfort Pro, series], types and sizes of 'Zelite Infinity'knives. They have all been as sharp as razors and cut, chopped, sliced,etc. straight out of the box and performed any task required of them really well.
I am not a chef and therefore not as qualified as a professional to assess them but I do like a sharp knife that will aid me when preparing food and such, rather than struggling with a blunt knife and these Zelite ranges execute all the tasks efficiently.
I have not used any of the knives long enough to make a realistic comment about their longevity but they appear to be holding their sharp edges well.
The layered steel models look impressive but the cheaper ranges still look like quality knives.
I like the feel and fit of the Executive Plus series which are the chunkier handles and may not feel as comfortable for someone with smaller hands. They are also the dearest range of knives and the cheaper ranges seem to be just as sharp and so the handle should be your choice.

All the knives are supplied and beautifully presented in a quality box.
The Zelite knives always appear to be less expensive than similar quality ones from other manufacturers.
I haven't been disappointed with any of Zelite ranges of knives which I've bought and, if you buy one, I don't think that you will be either.
**I know that I shouldn't do it but I have put all my knives for cleaning in the dishwasher without any apparent deterioration. The dishwasher is a Miele model which has a cutlery tray at the top and holds all the items separate from each other. I don't use dish washing powder only the liquid dishwasher sachets. Over the years it's been gentle on my glass products and not shown signs of scouring and I'm hoping it will be the same for my knives.**
Angus Haig`
Angus Haig` Reply to on 2 May 2018
Brilliant knife hasn't even started blunting yet after alot of abuse. Unfortunately the sheath that comes with it always feels likes it going to chop your finger off when you take it out of it. Apart from that can't fault it.
Deb. H
Deb. H Reply to on 1 February 2018
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Knives. I had deliberated for some time about buying these. They were a little expensive for my budget (even with the Amazon discount) but they are so worth it. The presentation is wonderful, so much so that I still put them back in their boxes after use. Each comes with a well made leather sheaf and as you remove the knife from it's sheaf you immediately know you've made the right decision. Perfectly weighted and balanced and as sharp as a razor. They cut through raw meat and you need to only apply the slightest of pressure and it is a complete joy. Please remember to respect these knives when using and washing them as I've said they are incredibly sharp. I learned the hard way LOL
I bought the 6 inch and 10 together and then bought the 4 inch.
Simply put I love them
Ranualf Reply to on 9 January 2018
This is great small knife, it is very sharp and has it's own little holder(ok, but a bit fiddle) and we plan to find a decent knife block for our knives.
Both myself and my wife use the knife on a daily basis to chop and preparef food. The only drawback is that the knife is not available in their comfort grip range, which we have several of the other knives.And as such it is slightly more expensive than other knives in the comfort range.
Rachie Bear
Rachie Bear Reply to on 8 December 2017
Zelite knives are literally in a class of their own. I now have three. This particular Santoku knife is incredible. The sharpness,tang and balance is amazing. They all come beautifully boxed and presented. This knife comes with a good quality leather sheath and a polishing cloth. I still use them but my Gustav Emil Em, Global Sabatier (carbon steel originals) knives do sadly come second best. Thank you Zelite. Best knives Ive ever used.
Mr A T Robinson
Mr A T Robinson Reply to on 23 February 2018
The knife is as razor sharp as advertised. The blade is a bit longer than other paring knifes I have owned making it that bit more versatile and therefore a more go to utensil. The quality is great and the price good. The only slight negative is that if you don’t dry the knife immediately after washing, it will get small rust spots on the blade edge. This doesn’t impair performance but does detract from the aesthetics.
gareth Reply to on 11 January 2018
Excellent utility/paring knife. "Lost" a knife from my roll when working in a different kitchen and decided to dip my toe outside the "Global" pool. Very happy I did; superb edge and looks great! excellent balance and feel. I will be buying from Zelite again....
Marylou Reply to on 28 June 2018
This was bought as a present for our son who is a chef. He was thrilled as he had wanted one for ages.
Delivery quick, and they do need a signature and check that you are over 18.
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